Australian Chamber Orchestra - River

Tuesday 10th Aug - 8:00pm
Llewellyn Hall
Australian Chamber Orchestra

A musical and cinematic odyssey from the creative team behind Mountain.

Rivers have shaped the earth and shaped the human species. We love and abuse rivers, worship and pollute them, flood them for wealth and turn to them for solace.

Immersing yourself in a river is the simplest way to feel its life force and to understand our instinctive connection to it. From director Jennifer Peedom comes this powerful collaboration created as a companion film to our record-breaking production, MountainRiver is another extraordinary tale of nature and humans as partners and adversaries.

With a musical score performed live and directed by Richard Tognetti, featuring his own music alongside Bach, Vivaldi, Ravel, Jonny Greenwood, and a new collaboration with William Barton. 

River is a reminder that it is never too late to ask ourselves: ‘are we being good ancestors?’ The film asks us all to examine pleasure, loss and the consequences of our actions. While all the while immersing us in the experience of body and water, of music and life.