Llewellyn Hall

Canberra Weekly Classic Afternoon

Saturday 14th Sep - 2:00pm
Llewellyn Hall
Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Dubbed ‘The Dancing Oboist’ by the New York Times, Diana Doherty is one of Australia’s most exciting instrumentalists. She joins the Canberra Symphony Orchestra in 2019 as Artist in Focus, leading the CSO in a concert of Mozart, Bach and Vaughan Williams. Mozart wrote his Symphony No. 25—nicknamed the ‘little G minor’—before he was 18-years-old, yet it shows a remarkable command of orchestral forces. Just four years later Mozart wrote the expressive Oboe Concerto, which was so successful he later passed it off as a new flute concerto, collecting a second paycheck.

Between these two works, Diana and the orchestra will treat the audience to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Oboe Concerto in D minor and Vaughan Williams’ lyrical and nostalgic Oboe Concerto, which seems to reach out for a lost innocence, written as it was during the horrors of the Second World War.