Celeste Barber

Celeste Barber - Fine, Thanks. LIVE TOUR

Sunday 15th May - 4:30pm
Llewellyn Hall

Celeste Barber is coming out of her cage, and she's doing just FINE, THANKS.

Australia's Queen of Comedy is bored of being stuck at home, and you best believe she'sready to hit the road again. Her brand-new tour Fine, Thanks is headed to Llewellyn Hall on May 15, 2022.

Let's be honest, Celeste has had nothing but time to write, refine and then re-refine Fine,Thanks.

"I've been stuck inside staring at a wall for the best part of two years, so trust me when I say I'm ready to pack a suitcase, reacquaint myself with what the inside of a plane looks like and get back on stage," Celeste says.

"Everyone in my house is sick to death of listening to me bang on so it's time to find somenew ears to chew off. Plus mama's got bills to pay."

Fine, Thanks explores andexploits everything from celebrity sex toys to why hot girls can't dance and details the giddy euphoria and brutal devastation of being invited to Coachella — the same year it was cancelled.

Get your much-needed fix of fun with Celeste in 2022!